Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rambo 10 - The Fighting Fish

Rambo’s diary – 31st. Mayn2007

This morning Rambo greeted me by splashing around at a super speed – so fast that it causes a splash followed by whoosh (as close as I can describe the sound.) He took two pellets…then after he sank to the bottom exhausted.

Maybe Rambo sensed my feeling and he wanted to demonstrate to me that he is not about to give up yet. At this point, Rambo live way past its biological age; its desire to fight nature is truly astounding and as far as time is concern, he is the World Champion – should have named him “ROCKY”.

Earlier on, I have instructed my children to visit him every now and then to have him move more (he needed the exercise) because Rambo always greets family members. My children dutifully look up on Rambo and he gets his exercise.

In human terms, Rambo should be 105 years above and he will be the longest living fighting fish in captivity. I took a picture of him this morning.

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