Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rambo 2 - The Fish

Rambo’s diary – 22nd. May 2007

I vividly recollect the day when I marched into the pet shop looking for a fighting fish…….there were tens of small jars displaying the fishes and among them; this magnificent fighting machine of fluorescent blue with a fiery red tail and fins was the only fish that responded to me.

I paid a dollar and fifty cents for it and another dollar for its food – a small plastic bag
(1 x 1 inch.) containing about a hundred pellets the size of the smallest pollen that you can see with your naked eyes.

Rambo feeds only on this particular pellet as designed by the proprietor…….taking the value and ratio into consideration….each pellet is worth more than its weight in gold…..and with a whole pack, the monetary value, it is enough to feed a small African nation for a year…….that may have explained why the shopkeeper comes to work wearing a singlet you wouldn’t want as a rag and drives an old battered car that would have been commissioned to the junk yard years ago, wearing a big grin of a wealthy person lying low.

My wife bought a bottle of presumably best fish food for him…….Rambo refuses to even have a bite….would rather starve, fearing that his fastidiousness might do him in, I rushed to that shop to get a few packets of ‘gold dust’ for him.

One day, I stumbled upon a shop selling dog food and I found the exact same ‘gold dust’ that Rambo has been feeding on…….six dollars and fifty cents for a 100grams pack.
That boss deserved to be rich, a 100grams pack, if pack in that small sachet he may get at least a few thousands. Retrospectively, looking at all the food that is left, merely scratching the surface, after Rambo went; I would prefer to buy from that shop and add a dollar to his coffer than to have all the food that is to be wasted and lying unproductively, at least I am enriching somebody.

The other day when I was passing that shop, I saw a few brown puppies for sales. I have forgotten the breed but it looks like a Labrador except that the grown up is much bigger and has an appetite of a horse - don’t even think about it if it is given free, the food bill will eat a big hole into your pension funds especially when the dog biscuit can be found only in that shop.
Coming back to the subject matter, I bought Rambo to sort of balance off the equation………the yin and yang.. The Boy is pretty much the same as yesterday.

P/S Bull mastiff.

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