Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rambo 6 - The Fish

Rambo’s diary – 26th. May 2007

Another ‘year’ passed for Rambo…….no appetite, just took a pellet from the two I gave but he seems to be quite active……I don’t understand.
He had wanted the water change this past two weeks; he would gather all the dirt into one big blob and place it in the centre and as always, I would change the water for him. However, I did not entertain him for it might be to straining for him…..he might just die, I am sorry.
If Rambo is a person, he will be in the like of Sir Winston Churchill……Napoleon Bonaparte……..Beethoven……but I think he will be Taylor Hicks (the American Idol) most probably because he likes pop songs. When he hears classical music, he would stay put but when I played Bee Gees, Rambo will get excited and he will swims round and round, up and down, here and there as if dancing depending on the tempo. His favorites are ‘Staying Alive’ and I don’t want to be alone. You may be wondering why Taylor Hicks and not Bee Gees; Firstly, nobody can sing quite like the Gibb brothers- they are the best, Taylor Hicks because he sings and dance like how Rambo swims and dance.
He is getting weaker……..I wouldn’t think he will last.

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